Explain Mughal relations with Rajput rulers. for 5 marks question

  • The Mughals treated other rulers as their vassals if those rulers submitted voluntarily to Mughal sovereignty. Those rulers were allowed to retain their royal privileges in their respective kingdoms but they had to pay tribute to the Mughal emperor. For example, the ruler of Jaipur acknowledged Mughal sovereignty and remained the king of Jaipur.
  • The Rajputs, on the other hand, were a collection of Hindu rulers who controlled various territories in northern and central India.
  • The Mughals had complex relationships with the Rajputs, which evolved over time. Initially, the Mughals faced stiff resistance from the Rajputs, who were proud of their independence and fiercely protective of their kingdoms. However, the Mughals were able to gradually establish friendly relations with some Rajput rulers through diplomatic marriages, alliances, and military campaigns.

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