explain school as a social institution

1) Education is a life long process, involving both formal and informal institutions of learning,

2) School is a step towards higher education and finally employment.

3) There is a qualitative distintion between simple sociteties, complex sociteties and modern societies.

4) In the case of former there was no need of formal schooling.

5)Children learnt the customs and the broader way of life by participating in activites with their adults.

6) In complex societies, there is an increasing economic division of labour, speration of work from home, need for specialised learning and skill attainment, risk of state systems, nations and complex sets of symbols and ideas.

7) Modern complex societies in contrast to simple societies rest on abstract universalistic values,

8) This is what distinguishes it from simple society that depends on particularistic values,based on family, kin, tribe, caste or religion.

9) Schools in modern society  are designed to bring uniformity, standardized aspirtaions, and universalistic values.

10) For example: Uniform for school children.

11) Education should prepare the child for a special occupation, and enable the child to internalize the core values of society.

12) The functionalist sociologist, Emile Durkheim, speaks in terms of general social needs and social norms.

13) For the functionalists, education mantains and renews the social structure, transmits and develops culture.

14) The educational system is an important mechanism for the selection and allocation of individuals in their future roles in the society.

15) It is also regarded as the ground for proving one's ability and hence selective agency for different status according to their abilities.

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