explain the classification of data and tabular representation​

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Classification of the data is classifying the data or divide the data as per requirement so as to present it in presentable forms. In simple words, it is a process in which data is divided into different classes which is based on their similarity  called classification. It is a way of dividing the data into groups and these groups are made on the basis of their similarities.

Tabular representation is a type of presentation of data. It is the process of presenting the classified data in the form of a table. It is a systematic way of presentation of data and includes rows and cloumns.



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Tgere are 4types of data .1)textual presentation.2)tabular presentation.3)diagramatic presentation.4)graphical presentation.
In a tabular presentation the data are arrange in rows and coloumn .in this presentationthe data decision making become more easy."tabulation in its broadest sence is an orderly arrangement of data in row and coloumn.
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