Explain the difference between objectives and programmes with the help of an example.

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Objective refer to the goal or aim which management desires to achieve. It defines what is to be done For example: Company wants to raise 20% sales of its product.

Programme is a detailed statement including entire activities of a project. For example: to increase sales what is to be done, how and by whom will be explain in detail in programme.


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Objective: Standing plan, An objective just states the result which is to be attained. Eg. 'Raise sales by 20% in the next year'
Programme: Single use plan. It is also aimed todays attainment of a goal but it lays down the steps to be taken. Programme doesnt just specify the final result, it explains exactly how to achieve it. Eg. 'Training programme for employees' it will specify all the training methods to use and the duration.
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