explain the meaning of the following words taken from the chapter refer to dictionary it necessary also make your own sentences using these words.

2. Conquest
3. Upstart
4. Dethroned
5. Subdue
6. Absurd

Chapter 3 honeydew glimpses of the past ncert book.

Dear student,

The given words can be used in sentences as follows:
  1. On the 15th of August every year, we remember all the martyrs who laid their lives for the freedom of our country.
  2. The conquest of the British army to capture Indian territory failed badly.
  3. The upstarts are always looked upon by rebels and revolutionists.
  4. The Persian king was dethroned after he lost the battle to Mughals.
  5. He managed to subdue his sorrow and cheered for his co-worker who had won the competition against him.
  6. It is a little absurd of him to argue on a petty issue like this.
Please Note: For the first part of your query which requires you to look up the meanings from a dictionary, we would request you to kindly perform this activity on your own as it will help you in becoming familiar with a dictionary and develop a habit of referring to it more often.


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