explain the paragraph of Intercalary meristem upto the word organ. Explain the lines through diagram too. The meristems are classified variously on the basis of origin and position in the plant body, function, plane of division and stage or method of development. 
(A) Depending upon the position in the plant body, meristems  are of the following three types (Fig. 6.1) : 
(1) Apical meristem. This meristem is located at the growing apices of main and lateral shoots and roots. These cells are responsible for linear growth of an organ. 
(2) Intercalary meristem. This meristem is located in between  the regions of permanent tissues. It is believed that some portions of  apical meristems are left behind due to tissue differentiation of an  organ. These cells remain meristematic and continue to add new 

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Intercalary meristem is the meristematic tissue present at the base of internodes, and are responsible for the growth of internodal region and thus gives the plant growth in length.

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Those primary meristem which are found inbetween the permanent tissue called as intercalary meristem .

When grazers(cow) or browers(goat) eat the leaf .Such injured portion regenerate again due to intercalary meristem
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