explain the process of volved in the manufacturing of all cotton shirt started from cotton balls

Dear Student,
The process of making a cotton shirt involves following steps:
a) Picking
​​​​​​b) Ginning
c) Spinning
d) Weaving
e) Sewing

Picking: Cotton balls are hand-picked from the plants
Ginning: Fibres are separated from cotton balls by Combing
Spinning: Fibres extracted from the cotton balls are twisted and spun into strong yarn.
Weaving: Fabric of cotton is made after the arrangement of two sets of cotton yarns. This process is done on LOOMS.
Sewing and Stitching: The fabric is finally stitched into a shirt.


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the making of cotton shirt is a long process from cotton balls cotton is usually picked up from the plants in the fields by hand and then fibres are separated from the seeds by the camping this process is called ginning after this the fibres of cotton are drawn out and twisted it then this bring the fibres together and a long thread is formed called yarn this process is called spinning and then in weaving process of cotton fabric is made by arranging two sets of cotton Yarns the weaving process is done on Loom. Now sewing, by process we stitch fabric and then the Cotton short get ready
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