Explain the question:-
87.  Introduction of genetically modified food is not desirable because-
1.  Allergies and toxicity may be caused
2.  Incorporation of antibiotic resistance in human beings
3.  Disturbance in metabolism due to enzyme for antibiotic resistance
4.  All

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Ans: d) All
Genetically modified foods (GM foods) are produced from the organisms that had undergone changes in their DNA by using genetic engineering techniques against the traditional cross breeding. In genetically modified organisms, DNA has been altered in a way that does not occur naturally by mating or natural recombination.
But there are some controversies regarding GM food. This includes whether GM foods can be safely consumed or harm the environment. The critics also say that GE crops have not been  adequately tested and regulated. Genetic engineering is widely used to produce fruits and vegetable species that are resistant to herbicides and pesticides. This may lead to new types of super weeds. This also reduces the effectiveness of a natural pesticide that are used in organic farming. Another potential problem is that it involves the transfer of genes from animals to plants and vice-versa which is unnatural. This may cause unknown adverse consequences in future.  

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All Of Them Because Genetically modified food does not consist that many nutrients as they consists in natural food.And these cause consists of toxics and virus.
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