Explain the socialism in Europe

The Russian Revolution of 1917 has been one of the important events of world history. It has been praised and condemned vigorously. It is hailed as it humanized capi?talist systems all over the world. The Russian Revolution prompted governments all over the world to introduce legislative reforms to improve the conditions of workers. This had become necessary to ensure that the existing political systems were not overthrown the way it hap?pened in Russia.
It is condemned as it failed to hold together the Re- publics that had come together to form the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). The disintegration of USSR even before the twentieth century came to a close and dealt a severe blow to people?s faith in the Marxist ideology.
By the early twentieth century, life in most European countries had become liberal and progressive consequent to Industrial Revolution and Democracy. France had be?come a republic. Britain had constitutional monarchy that made the monarch just a titular Head of the State. Feudal aristocracies had been replaced by a new middle class.
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