Explain the technique of 'Functional Foremanship' and the concept of 'Mental Revolution' as enunciated by Taylor.

Functional Foremanship

A foreman refers to a person who is in charge of the operational level workers. Taylor suggested that to increase the efficiency, performance of the foreman should be improved. That is, Taylor focussed on the importance of the foreman in an organisation. Taylor observed and identified few qualities, such as intelligence, tact, judgement, etc., that a foreman should have. He found that no single person can have all the required qualities. Thus, he suggested that instead of a single person, there should be eight persons through which the functions of a foreman should be accomplished. This technique was given the name Functional Foremanship. According to this, the planning and the production functions should be separated. That is, under the manager, there would be one planning incharge and one production incharge. Each incharge would have four personnel under him/her.

The following are the four persons that worked under the planning incharge.

i. Instruction Card Clerk- To give instructions to the workers.

ii. Route Clerk- To show the route of production.

iii. Time and Cost Clerk- To take care about the time and costs.

iv. Disciplinarian- To ensure that discipline is being maintained.

The following are the four persons that worked under the production incharge.

i. Speed Boss- To ensure timely completion of tasks

ii. Gang Boss- To keep the machines and tools ready for the workers.

iii. Repair Boss- To ensure proper working of the machines.

iv. Inspector- To control the quality of work done.

Mental Revolution

Mental Revolution implies changing the attitude of the workers and the managers. Mental revolution aimed at improving the thinking of both, to create a better working environment. The workers and the manager should change their attitude and each one should realise others importance. Both should work towards the common goals of the organisation. Management should take care of the needs of the workers and share the benefits with them. On the other hand, workers should put in their best efforts. Thus, the concept of Mental Revolution enunciated on cooperation and mutual trust between the workers and the managers.

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