Explain this stanza

      And truly I was afraid, I was most afraid, But even so, honoured still more
35  That he should seek my hospitality
      From out the dark door of the secret earth

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The poet was partially afraid of the snake, though his other half wanted to be hospitable to the snake. It is evident from his words that he was afraid. The hospitable behaviour that he showed towards the snake caused a honourable feeling within him. The poet called the earth 'secret' because it was hidden and concealed and the dark home to the snake. It was hidden and unknown the people outside, therefore, it was a secret.

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  • The poet says that he was afraid of the snake and did not have enough courage to kill it. Beyond that he felt obliged to have him as a guest. The feeling of being hospitable to his guest overpowered the inner voices which urged him to kill the snake.

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The poet was fascinated by the presence of snake .
He felt honoured that the snake has come to seek his hospitality..
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