Explain, why speed is important for survival in the grasslands for animals that live there. (Hint: There are few trees or places for animals to hide in grasslands habitats)

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In grasslands, mainly grasses are found. There are few trees or places for animals to hide in grassland. Predators such as lion, tiger, etc. that feed upon other animals are commonly found in these regions. It is very easy for these predators to locate their prey in the grass. Therefore, to protect themselves from these predators, animals adapt themselves by increasing their speed. The increased speed helps the weaker animals to escape their predator, thereby protecting themselves and increasing the chances of their survival.
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Yes. Speed is important for survival in grass lands. Because the animals should protect themselves from the other animals. As many animals depend on other animals for their survival in the form of food. As every animals need preybase for their survival.so they should protect their lives.
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