Explain why the planets do not twinkle but the stars twinkle....

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Planets do not twinkle because they appear larger in size than the stars as they are relatively closer to earth. Planets can be considered as a collection of a large number of point-size sources of light. The different parts of these planets produce either brighter or dimmer effect in such a way that the average of brighter and dimmer effect is zero. Hence, the twinkling effects of the planets are nullified and they do not twinkle.
whereas the stars twinkle because the light coming from the stars keeps on changing before actually reaching our eyes. The Rays coming from the distinct stars constantly undergoes multiple atmospheric refractions, and the atmosphere also keeps on changing due to heating effect of the sun and other natural phenomena so the light reaching our eyes also keeps on changing.

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Unlike stars, planets don't twinkle. Stars are so distant that they appear as pinpoints of light in the night sky, even when viewed through a telescope. Because all the light is coming from a single point, its path is highly susceptible to atmospheric interference (i.e. their light is easily diffracted
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