Q. Read the extract given below and answer the question.

      And some in dreams assured were
      of the spirit that plagued us so;
      Nine fathom deep he had followed us ;
      From the land of mist and snow.

  Q1. What spirit was following them?

  Q2. Whom does 'some' refer to in the above extract?

  Q3. What did the 'some' see in their dream?

  Q4. What does 'fathom' mean?

1. Albatross.
3.A polar spirit tormenting them.
4.A fathom is a measurement of depth equal to six meters.

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what here SOME is reffered too
??? I'm confused
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spirit of the albatross



they saw the spirit of albatross plaguing them 

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2."some" refers to some of the sailors of the ship 3. they saw in their dreams that they were being followed by a spirit of albatross
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