Factorize 4ab+6b+6a+9

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To Factorize: 4ab+6b+6a+9=4ab+6b+6a+9=2b(2a+3)+3(2a+3) =(2a+3)(2b+3) 
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4ab+6b+6a+9 = 2,2,a,b+3,2,b+2,3,a+3,3 then regroup the term , and take out the same no. in the regrouped term 2b( 2a+3) 3( 2a +3) = ( 2b+3 )  ( 2a+3)
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Take 2b common from 4ab and 6b.and 3 from 6a and 9 . Then your answer will be (2a+3)(2b+3)

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