Fill these sentences using participles.
1. Ravi was crying. He had lost his new mobile.
2. Devi completed her assignment. She went for a walk.

Please help me out

Dear Student, 

Your question is wrong. There are no blanks in the question. I am assuming you want to join the sentences using participles. Accordingly, here is the answer:
  1. Ravi was crying( participle) as he had lost his new mobile.  
  2. Having completed (participle) her assignment, Devi went for a walk.
If this was not what you had in mind, please post the question in a new thread. Our experts would be happy to help you. 


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Dear Student,

I am answering your Queries using Conjunction.

1. Ravi was crying as /because he has lost his new mobile.

2. As soon as Devi completed her assignment she went of a walk.

Priya Agrawal.
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1) Ravi was crying, as he had lost his new mobile phone.
2) Devi completed her assignment, so she went out for a walk.
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