Find out how your local authority manages the solid waste generated in your neighbourhood.
Are these measures adequate?
If not , what improvements would you suggests?
what could your family do to reduce the amount of solid waste generated during a day/week?

Local authorities collect solid waste which is non-biodegradable, such as wreckage and debris which is used for landfill. Biodegradable garbage, generally, compost making areas are developed near the landfill. Unfortunately, gardeners collect dry leaves and plant parts and burn them. It causes air pollution which is harmful for us.
To reduce solid waste we can;-
i) Reuse plastic items such as plastic bottles and containers.
ii) Collect garbage from our home, put this garbage in a plastic bag and tie the mouth. Place the bag in a pit or in a pot and cover it with soil. After 2-3 weeks observe the garbage. If the garbage was found completely rotten and did not smell, you can use it as compost (manure) in your garden or in planted pots.
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