find out which songs,dance,festivals and special food preparations are associated with certain seasons in assam region. do they have some commonality with other region of  india.

4.Madhya Pradesh
The cuisine of Madhya Pradesh includes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian items. While the people of Northern and Western Madhya Pradesh keep their food centred around wheat and meat, the people of Southern and Eastern MP keep their food centred around rice and fish. Some of the most popular dishes of Madhya Pradesh are rogan josh, biriyani, pilaf etc.
Tertali: This form of dance is usually performed by women of the Kamar tribe. Dancers cover their head with a veil, tie cymbals on different parts of their body and dance to the tune of a Manjira.
Charkula: Performed on the third day after Holi, Charkula is presented by women who place lit lamps on their head and dance to appease Lord Krishna.
Hindi is the official language of Madhya Pradesh. Other languages such as Marathi, Malvi, Nimadi, Bundeli etc are spoken in different parts of the state.

Famous festivals of Madhya Pradesh

The yearly calendar of the state of Madhya Pradesh is featured with innumerable fairs and festivals. These events portray the vibrant culture and enthusiasm of the people of the state. The state celebrates varied kinds of festivals like religious festivals originating from mythology, festivals to mark a particular season, festivals held in memory of a local God or a native hero. Apart from showcasing the culture and heritage of the state, some of these festivals even take the art and culture of the tribes up to the national market. To know the entire state, one needs to have a glimpse of these festivals. Fairs are a major part of almost each of these festivals. During festive seasons, most of the populations of Madhya Pradesh, dressed in colorful native attire along with paradigmatic ornaments, are found to be moving towards the fair ground. Though each and every festival has its own unique features that are different from one community to another, still some of the common activities include carefree revelry, cock fighting, drinking bouts, singing and uninhibited dancing. The following table provides information about some of the popular Madhya Pradesh festivals:

Sl. No. Festival Location Specialty 1 Akhil Bhartiya Kalidas Samaroh Ujjain Dramas and other classical programs of Indian origin along with literary presentations. 2 Allauddin Khan Sangeet Samaroh Maihar, Satna Performances on the classical Indian music. 3 Ameer Khan Festival Indore Performances on the classical form of the music of India. 4 Chakradhar Samaroh Raigarh Performances on music and dance of the Indian classical form. 5 Bhagoriya Haat Jhabua and West Nimar Match making festival held during Holi in the month of March. 6 Bhavbhuti Samaroh Gwalior Varied literary programs on the language of Sanskrit are held there. 7 Dhrupad Samaroh Bhopal Vocal dhrupad performances on the classical music of India. 8 Festival of Dances Khajuraho Performances of classical dances of India by some dancers of national and international fame. 9 Keshav Jayanti Samaroh Orchha Literary presentations. 10 Lokrang Samaroh Bhopal 5 Day festival on folk arts of the nation. The Adivasi Lok Kala Academy of Madhya Pradesh organizes this festival every year on the Indian Republic Day (26th January). 11 Malwa Utsava Indore and Ujjain Performances on classical music and folk arts of the country. 12 Nimar Utsava Maheshwar Performances on classical form of music as well as folk music of India. 13 Pachmarhi Utsava Pachmarhi Performances on the folk arts of India. 14 Pt. Kumar Gandharva Samaroh Dewas Performances on the country's classical music. 15 Rashtriya Hindi Natya Samaroh Bhopal Performances by some of the noteworthy theatre personalities. 16 Rashtriya Ramleela Mela Different regions of the state of Madhya Pradesh Some of the best Ramleela repertories (People who perform in the Ramayana) actively participate in this festival. 17 Tansen Sangeet Samaroh Gwalior Classical instrumental and vocal shows held during the month of November or December where some of the best performers of the country perform.
Besides the festivals mentioned above, some of the other renowned fairs and festivals of the state are as follows:

  • Chaitra Fair held at Biaora in Malwa
  • Chethiyagiri Vihara held at Sanchi
  • Christmas held in the month of December
  • Diwali held for 5 days
  • Dussehra held at Bastar in between the months of September and October
  • Gal Yatra
  • Karam or Karma of the Korba Tribes held during the month of August
  • Kumbha Mela, a famous Hindu festival held at Ujjain
  • Laru Kaj, an unique festival of the tribal community of Gond that involves sacrifice of pigs
  • Madai Fair held at Jhabua in the month of February
  • Malwa Festival held at Indore
  • Pir Budhan held at Shivpuri in Sanwra
  • Rajjim Fair held at Rajjim in Raipur
  • Ramnavami held at Orchha and Chitrakoot
  • Shivratri Mela held at Pachmarhi during the month of February or March
  • Tejajee Fair held at Bhamawad in Guna
  • The Fair of Nagaji held at Porsa in Munera
To name a few of the well known festivals and fairs held commonly all over the state of Madhya Pradesh are:

  • Holi
  • Id
  • Navratri
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find out which songs,dance,festivals and special food preparations are associated with certain seasons in assam region. do they have some commonality with other region of india. 

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find out which songs,dances,festival and special food preparation are associated with certain seasons in your they have some commonality with other regions of india

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