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Find question21 • Find the value of p far A" = 'y - 2 —z Give one example of-each of the following: (ii) a monomial of degr (i) a binomial of degree 27 a monomial of degree 7 (it') a polynomial of deg W) a polynomial of' degree 10 (vi) a trinomial degre 17. Without actually finding /(3), find whether (x —3) is a answer. 18. Classify the following as a conStant, linear, quadratic or c 19. By remainder theorem, find the remainder when 3xG —4. 20. For what ofk,x-3is -6x +kx- 21. If A —2k is a factor —3x —6, 22. is a -Y, find the vaiue of p. 23. For what value oEm x 27/5.'.-+t6 (L[ivisible 2? 24. Find the value o f 9 - = 31, wha: is, value of'o—— divided byx then the quoti Find the ora, if is a

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