Find the 2nd extract

Find the 2nd extract a familiar one. One could that the rats and I the room, The house was not electrified; it was a rented room. had up practice and my (i) What kind or housc did the narrator live in? •Z What was tlac rarnlllar sound in room? (iii) What was the profession 0 f the narrator'? t Why were his earnings meagre? Marks) 2. one feels tempted to look into a mirror when it is near one. I took a 100k. In those days I a beauty and I believed in making myself look handsome. was unmarried and was a doctor. \ had to make my presence felt. I picked up the comb and ran it through my hair and adjusted the parting so that (i) docs (he passage suggest about the doctor •s rnarttal status? (ii) What did the doctor believe in? (Iii) Why was the doctor tempted to look into the mirror? (iv) What did the doctor decide as an unmarried man? S110RT AN.SUTR QUL',T10NS Ansyver the questions: l. Describe the reaction of the doctor when he confronted the snake? 2. What did the doctor think when the snake was looking into the mirror? VALUE-BASED I.ONG ANSWER Qursnoss Mark

Dear student,

The answers are as follows:
  1. The passage suggests that the doctor is now married.
  2. The doctor believed in making himself look handsome.
  3. The doctor was tempted to look in the mirror because it was near him.
  4. The doctor decided as an unmarried man that he should make his presence felt.

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