Find the range of f(x)=cos[x],for x lies between -pi/2 to pi/2

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solution given by you earlier

The given function is f(x)=cos[x],for -pi/2Since the angle is [x] so the interval -pi/2 1. -pi/2 2. -1 3. 0 4. 1 In the interval -pi/2 So, cos [x] = cos(-2) = cos 2In the interval -1 So, cos [x] = cos(-1) = cos 1In the interval 0 So, cos [x] = cos0 = 1In the interval 1 So, cos [x] = cos1Thus, the range of f(x) = cos[x], for -pi/2


for x varying between to

the value of cos(x) becomes from 0 to 1

hence range of f(x) for x varying from 

to is [0,1]

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Range of f(x) is {cos2,cos1,1}

[x]=-2, -pi/2

[x]=-1, -1x

[x]=0, 0x

[x]=1, 1x

cos(-x) = cosx

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