find the type of food and thier mode of ingestion the following organism feed: COW, BUTTERFLY,LIZARD, CAT, RAT, PARROT, ELEPHANT, ANT, COCKROACH, PID AND HORSE

cow  eat  - grass  , chaptes  etc.     ingestion -  bulk feeding food  from  mouth    2  parrot eat  -  chilly  ,patato  etc  .   ingestion  -hafe   in  one  bite .
3elephant  eat - suger  cane  , banana  etc .  ingestion - bulk  in  one   bite .  4 horse  eat  - grass , etc  ingestion  -bulk   in  one  bite .  5 cockroach  eat-
food  left  in  the  plate  .etc  ingestion  -hafe  in  one   bite .  ant -food  left  in  the  plate . ingestion  -hafe  in  one  bite .
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Lizard cat rat pig thier mode of ingestion and type of food
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Mode of ingestion of pig
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