first 7 sum answer pls

first 7 sum answer pls QI. Ans. Q.2. Ans. Ans. Ang. Ans. Ang. 0.7. 14 Exercise — II Speed of car is 72 km/hr. Find distance covered by it in 20 minutes. 24 km. Rita takes 15 min. to cover distance or 45 km. Find its speed in m/s. 50 m/s. Velocity of car increases from 13 km/hr to 3i km/hr in 20 sec. Find acceleration. 0.25 m,rs'. Velocity of car decreases from 44 km/hr. to 26 km in 10 sec. Find retardation. Retardation = 0.5 m./s2. ( means acceleration = - 0.5 m'sZ) Car starting from rest acquires speed of 144 km/hr after 80 Secs. Find acceleration 0.5 rn/s*. Car moves with speed of 5 m;s2 for 25m and with speed of 7 m,'s for next 35 m. Find average speed from initial position to final position. dis tance 61 m's. Hint : time = speed Express Train is moving from north to south with speed of 130 km/hr. Slow train is moving in same direction with speed of SO km/hr. Find relative velocity of express train w.r,t. slow train. Find relative velocity of slow train w.l.t. e*press train.

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