five examples of disguised unemployment apart from that prevelent in agricultural sector.

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The situation of underemployment is referred to the situation when people are apparently working but all of them are working less than their potential of work is called disguised unemployment.
In this situation a person considers himself employed but actually he is not working or employed
1) In city and urban areas, disguised unemployment is found when painters, plumbers, electrician etc are not working on daily basis and working way less than their potential to work.
2) In urban areas, disguised unemployment is seen mostly in service sectors such as in a family business all members of family are engaged in one petty shop or a small business which can easily be managed by less people.
3) Those people forced to take early retirement and redundancy. (no longer counted as in labour force)
4) Disguised unemployment also includes people doing jobs that are completely unproductive that is they are getting paid but they don't have a proper job.
5) People who suffered with sickness and disability benefits but, would be able to do some jobs

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