Form a verb by adding a prefix or suffix to the word given in the brackets and fill in the blanks.
(a) Don't you______ that your carelessness can cause serious harm to somebody? (real)
(b) If we hurt somebody, we should_____ for it. (apology)
(c) The teacher_____the topic and explained it to the class. (simple)
(d) I need to_____ my friend to the doctor's clinic. (company)
(e) We should not only_____with poor but should also help them if we can. (sympathy)
(f) Ravi tried to______ her by wearing a mask. (fright)
(g) Her parents _____ her to work harder. (courage)

Dear Student

a) realise
b) apologise
c) simplified
d) accompany
e) sympathise
f) frighten
g) encouraged


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