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@Omendera, it was very nice of Kirti to help you.
However here is a sample format for diary entry, for your convenience:

Date: Saturday, 22nd March.

Opening: Dear Diary,

Introduction: Could be a general comment on how the day was. For instance, Today was a great day! or Today was a boring day.

Body: This is the main part of the diary entry. This part could involve a lot of things which provoked you to write the particular entry. This contains the events and actions involved in your reason to write the entry. You could describe what happened to you or your personal feelings about something or someone. You could also write about your future plans in this part.

Conclusion: The diary entry can be concluded with a comment about the day. For instance, It was overall an exciting day or the situation at that moment or I am really tired now, after a long day at work.

Closing: Love, Walter
Hope the above explanation helps you to solve your query.
@Kirti, a diary entry need not always have a word limit or a definite time frame. Also, the idea or the thought involved behind writing the entry could be anything ranging from one’s own personal life issues to academic or professional life. However, it was very nice of you to help your friend. Keep up the spirit!
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