functions of COC?? chamber of commerce atleast 5 functions ??mc donalds restaurnts r run in india by indian vusiness frms under permssion frm mcdonalds name this mode of entry into inernational business??

In response to first part of your query, functions of COC are:
a. Facilitate interstate movement of goods by registering vehicles, formulating transport policies and by constructing roads and highways
b. Levy Octroi and other local taxes which form an important source of revenue for the local government
c. Bring together the sales tax and VAT structure of different states and ensures that these taxes are uniform across states for maintaining a balance in trade
d. Develop a sound infrastructure through constant interaction with the government and convincing them to invest in the development of infrastructure
e. Formulate laws and policies with the government to protect the interest of both the consumers as well as the traders.

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