generally teenagers are lost in their own world of day dreaming . Is this habit good or bad for them ? what role does this habit play in shaping the world of teenager? write an article taking clues from the story " going places"

give new answer in easy language of 6 marks

Dear student,

Day dreaming is not considered a good habit and though it might be helpful in making you visualize things properly, it isn't good for the social well being of a person. Teenagers who day dream often land into troubles, they resort to lying frequently, develop inferiority complex or even fall into a vicious trap of depression. They begin to idealize the unreal and loose their ability to differentiate between real and mythical. Sophie had created a world of her own, where she had met Danny Casey and she had started believing that the actions taking place in her imaginary world were all real. She had lied to her brother and then there was no turning back for her. 


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Daydreaming has its own advantages as well as disadvantages . It generates creative skills but on the other hand it leads to the creation of a boundary which separates the real and the hypothetical world .Teenagers are lost in their own world ,unaware of what is happening around them .Thus,there are lot of distractions from studies but the positive aspect of day dreaming is that it helps them to visualize things more effectively.
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