" geoff know it's true , don't you geoff ?" why did sophie crave for her brother's approval , attention and affection ?
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Dear student,

Sophie longed for her brother's approval and attention because she knew that her father would never believe her stories and she would want somebody to back her cooked up stories. Sophie longed for her brother Geoff's affection because she was jealous of his silence and yearned to be admitted into his confidence. It had been three years since he was out of school and working as an apprentice mechanic. He was almost grown up now and she suspected areas of his life about which she knew nothing nor did he ever speak to her about them. He said little if at all on his own volition. Words had to be prized out of him like stones out of the ground. When he wasn't speaking it was as though he was away somewhere, out in the world in places she had never been. She kept on wondering if they were just the outlying districts of the city or places beyond in the surrounding country. They attained a special fascination for her simply because they were unknown to her and remained out of reach. She imagined that these places were possibly populated with exotic and interesting people of whom he never spoke. She longed to know them and wished she could be admitted more deeply into her brother's affections. She hoped that someday he might take her to those places with him.


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