Give 10 message writing topics.

Some questions for writing messages are as follows:

1. You are getting late for your dance class and nobody is at home. Write a message to your father informing him about the same in 50-60 words.

 2. The following is a telephonic conversation between Neetu and Jeetu’s mother.
Neetu: Hi, may I speak to Jeetu?
Mother: Jeetu is not at home. He has gone to play cricket with his friends. Is there a message for him?
Neetu: Yes, please inform him that tomorrow after school hours, we have an extra class for Hindi. The class will be for one hour.
Mother: Sure, I will convey your message. Is there anything else?
Neetu: No, thank you.
 Write a message for Jeetu on behalf of his mother in 50–60 words.

3. You got a call from your friend Nishant, who informed you about his brother’s accident. You need to rush to the hospital to meet him and his brother. Write a message for your mother informing her same.

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Your friend deepu and her sister is coming to your home at evening. They intend to have food with you. Since you are going out leave a message in not more than 50 words telling your mother to prepare something special for your friends.
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1)tell mom that you are coming till 9 o clock as to  your meat as he/she is ill
2)you fogort that your friends party is today and fogort to inform your mother so write a message to your mother
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You live as a paying guest in your cousin's house. You receive a call from your father to inform your cousin about the heart operation of your uncle. The appointment of the operation had been fixed for 9 Dec 2012 and you have to inform your cousin to reach the hospital as soon as possible. Write a message to your cousin about the operation.
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