Give 5 differences between a bar magnet and a solenoid with their diagrams?

The magnetic field lines in a solenoid

The magnetic field lines in a bar magnet



difference between field lines of bar magnet and solenoid

1) The poles of the bar magnet do not lie exactly on the end of the magnet but is somewhat inside. In solenoid poles can be considered to be lying at the edge.

2) The magnetism retains in the bar magnet naturally but in solenoid the magnetism is there so long current flows through it.

3) Magnetic field of a bar magnet emanates from throughout the body of the magnet, with more intensity at the poles. While there is no field emanating from the lateral surface of the solenoid.

4) Magnetic poles of a bar magnet lies a little inside the geometrical end of the pole while magnetic pole of a solenoid exists just at the geometrical end of the solenoid.

5) When electric current is passed through a current carrying solenoid, a magnetic field is observed a round the solenoid, ie the solenoid behaves like a magnet as long as current passes through the solenoid.Pattern of field lines indicate that solenoid behaves like a bar magnet.

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