Give a character sketch of the grandmother in "the portrait of a lady" by khushwant singh.

 The author's grandmother was a woman strong in character and was very religious too. When she was in the village she used to feed dogs. When she came to city she began to feed sparrows. Whatever changes came into her life she accepted them calmly . When the author was given a separate room in the university, she accepted her seclusion with resignation. When the author was going abroad she went to the the railway station and gave him a parting kiss. She showed no emotions. She kept on saying her prayers. Just before her death she was sorry to have missed her prayers for the first time in her life. She died with silent prayers on her lips.

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Name and age
• Khushwant Singh’s grand mother
in ‘A Portrait Of A Lady’ is very old
and widow.
• Khushwant Singh has always seen
her as an old lady only.
• So he hardly believes her to be
young and beautiful.

• Her face is a crisss- Cross of age
• Her grey hair usually remain
scattered on her puckered face.

• She is fat, short and has a stoop.
• She can not walk straight so she
hobbles with hand on her waist
to balance her stoop.

• She belongs to a punjabi
family and lives with her son,
daughter in-law and her grandson.

• She goes to the temple daily.
• Reads holy books.
• Tells the beads of the rosary.
• She also wishes that her grand
son could learn prayers by heart.Very Kind
• Very kind to the dogs she feeds
them with chapaties.
• Feeds the sparrows and enjoys their company.
Good companion
• Helps his grand son to get ready
for school.
• Helps him in his lessons.
• Accompanies him to the school.
• very sincere and dutiful.Culture loving
• She loves Indian culture, fond of
singing and spinning
• Hates western and scientific education.

Peaceful nature
• Calm and cool
• Does not show resentment
• Instead, she becomes quiet and private.


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 she was very old women . she was short & slightly bent in her back. her face was full of wrinkles &she only reciting the prayes in  her mouth. she  wear sportless white saree & she is a kind hearted women & at the last she is very good friend of author.........

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 Kushwant singh's grandmother was an old woman & she was old from last 20 yrs. from when he knew him . she wores a spotless white saree and her face was a map of wrinkles(puckered face) . she loves and cares his grandson by dressing up him and went along him to the temple where nearby he studied . she was also a great animal lover that in village she fed chappati to dogs and after in town she used to fed te sparrows. she was calm ,gentle and kind hearted .

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 nice answer by sirkmanoj1212

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 nice work rubberdoll

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