give a set of questions of  english grammar reported speech and error correction

Some questions based on reported speech and error correction:
- Change the following sentences into reported speech:
a. The traveller said to the coolie.'Where is my luggage?',
b. Our teacher says, 'It is better to be honest and fail than to cheat and pass.'
c. 'Today is my English exam', said Nidhi to her mother.
d. The king said, 'All offenders will be punished severely, thieves will have their hands cut off, murderers will be executed!'

- Underline the error in each of the sentences below and replace it with a correct word/phrase:
a. My aunts and I has decided to visit Singapore next month.
b. Serena Williams beat her opponent for win the Wimbledon title yet again.
c. The poor people appealed to the warrior to save them from the giant who had ate their relatives.
d. Terrorists bombed a premises of the Consulate.

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