Give an account of Hitlers new style of politics?

Dear student, 1. Hitler created a strong security force and surveillance to ensure order in the society. Hitler organized mass propaganda, and held public meetings to instill a sense of unity amongst the Germans.In an attempt to ensure political stability he laid the foundation of a totalitarian state dismantling all democratic structures, the enabling act can be seen in this context. 2. His foreign policy aimed at uniting Germans all over the world i.e One people, one empire, one leader, he occupied Rhineland, integrated Austria with Germany, established control over Czechoslovakia and installed puppet regimes in various parts of Europe aimed at glorifying his rule and policy. 3. He carried out massive propaganda against the Jews with his racial policy declaring Germans as pure Aryan race and considering Jews as undesirables, and even succeeded in molding people’ attitude towards them. He indoctrinated the people and the youth of the country by controlling media, schools and entire education system which was aimed at glorifying Nazi ideology. Regards,

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