Give an example of a chemical reaction in which one element and two compound combined together to form a new compound.

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Generally, two different compounds combine to form a new compound, this reaction takes place but if we add one another element then the reaction will be in such a way that the more reactive one will react. This is due to the collision theory in which generally molecule collide and new molecules formed, the more is the collision more fast is the reaction. ​​So for a reaction, there can be multiple products, these types of reactions you will get to learn in your higher classes but here are some examples.

1) Reaction between two compounds 
CaO + CO2 ------> CaCO3
NH3 + HCl -----> NH4Cl

The chemical reaction in which element and compound both involved is as follows- 
Na + H2O -----> NaOH 
Here sodium is an element and water and NaOH both are compounds. When this reaction is forwarded with acid then the reaction is as follows- 
NaOH + HCl ----> NaCl + H2O
Here two compounds react to form one new compound but remember all these reactions take place in different- different test tubes or beakers.



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