Give brilliant ideas about an essay science has made us lazy.

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  • Modernization is seen in every phase of human life on earth today. It has touched the fields of information technology, health, education and the life style of the people.
  • Modernization in the field of heath science has helped wipe out many deadly diseases. It has also led to the introduction of useful medicines.
  • Modernization in education has encouraged learning and knowledge is accessible to all, irrespective of age, location and gender.
  • However, the negative aspect of science and its effects are great on our society.
  • Man utilises technology to curb the freedom and space of other people.
  • Most of the time, the privacy of an individual is interrupted and the negative side of technology help promote this.
  • Though there are other opportunities for communication, man does not make use of these developments and often relationships suffer from lack of communication.
  • There is a competitive spirit to use technology better than another person.
  • Man, or youth to be more specific, has become selfish and he believes that, with the advancement of technology, he can live aloof from society. 
  • People have become passive and tuned to behave as robots. They become insensitive to the pains and emotions of other people.
  • These youngsters grow up to become adults, who do not have a responsibility to the society they live in.
  • The violence and crime that they view on the screen becomes a trend and lifestyle and it no longer seems to be a sin or evil. As a result, the lives of the poor and the innocent are affected and they no longer feel safe.
  • The youth are addicted to technology and often misuse this to quench their thirst for evil and unwanted knowledge.
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Ask yourself this question "If one day you had to walk home from school ,especially on a hot summer day , what would your condition be? " But in earlier times before cars and trains were invented people had only few ways of transportation , one of them was walking ,but at that time it did not matter so much because the level of pollution was less . I am not asking you to stop using cars but please save the green wealth and do not waste water or electricity .
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Science has taken over our lives in many aspects.We have developed a lot due to the devoping technologies. Man has reached great heights , accquired such goals which were considered to be impossible at a time. But it goes without saying that to every advantage follows a disadvantage. Its just like every coin has two sides. In the same way how science has tremendously helped us also it has left some side effects.One of them being making mankind lazy. Most effectively technology has entered the kitchens of most of the homes. No doubt the gadgets like microvaves, dishwashers, mixises, owens, grinders have made the work more easier in the kitchen but at the same time it has also made the people a bit lasier.In earlier days people use to grind spices on stones which used to require hard work but now we see people using grinders.It has simply made the people lazy.If some of the appliances stop working for a day or so people find it very difficult to work in the kitchen.another example is washing machines, which has made washing clothes a much easier job.But now we see that people cant wash a pair of clothes also well. they find it to be a very tiring job.

Technology has come in a way of luxary for many people. entertainment sources like telivision, radio sets,music players have all become much of a necisity than luxary now a days. people now waste their time in front of these entertainment sources.they have also come in the way of childrens development. Children while away their time on watching t.v, on computers.As a result they get lesser time for other activities. This has made the children a bit dull and also less active, and physically less fit.

People used to travel long distances by foot. But in todays world, even for travelling very short distances people require, science has completely made us lazy..
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