Give example of conversion of potential energy to kinetic energy and explain it

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Consider a person with a bow and arrow. The archer places the arrow in the bow stretches it and aims at the target. At this instant there is no movement. The archer's muscles, the bow and the arrow all contain pent-up potential energy.
Now,the archer releases of the string and the string pushes arrow towards the target.The instant the archer shoots, the potential energy is converted into kinetic energy due to it's movement. .Here the shape of a bow and the elasticity or flexibility of the string maximise the force on the arrow once the potential energy is converted to kinetic energy.

In another situation , A mango hanging on a tree has the potential energy due to its height. When the mango falls from the tree. The falling fruit has the kinetic energy. Thus the potential energy stored in the mango in it's raised position from the ground changes into the kinetic energy when it is falling.


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