give examples to show that air is important for survival of living organisms

Air is a mixture of many gases, such as nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide. These gases are important as it provides oxygen for respiration process to occur in animals and provides carbon dioxide to green plants for photosynthesis to takes place.
Taking example of green plants, they use carbon dioxide together with water and sunlight to produce energy and make their own food to survive. This process is known as photosynthesis which give out oxygen as a by product which in turn needed by almost all animals to survive. 


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Inside the human body and the bodies of other organisms there are many functions which need to be carried out to live . a few examples are --
  1. generation of red blood cells
  2. carrying out of the liver,500+functions
  3. and also for the respiratory system to work properly in mint condition                                            RR-RISHI RAJESH
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air is important for all living organisms as we breathe air, Oxygen is used for burning, Nitrogen helps in controlling fire,Carbon Dioxide is used by plants to make food for them and us.
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If you want to prove this then take two identical plants, keep one in an airtight container and the other in a place with plenty of air. The plant in airtight container will not survive but the other one will.
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air is important in our life is air is not there you can't live.........
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air is vital for our living . every living organism uses air (oxygen) for breathing . 
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