give me an article on air pollution not more than 100 words and less than 80 words

Here are a few points about air pollution that would help you frame the answer:


- It refers to the contamination of the layers of the atmosphere

- The root and major cause of air pollution are activities of mankind

- Increase in air pollution would shorten longetivity of existence of man on this planet

- Main cause is the release from various manufacturing units of industries

- Can lead to chronic diseases like asthma, lung cancer, etc.


Hope these help!

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"Air Pollution"

Air pollution is an intractable problem that we have noticed since the industrial revolution and it has increased over the years to become one of our time’s biggest issues.
While some air pollution is a result of natural causes such as volcanic eruptions, most is caused by human activities. The first major cause of air pollution is car exhausts which lead to about 50 % of the total air pollution. The second major pollutant is Nitrogen oxides. And last is Sulpher dioxide.
But wait!. Those three are not just the only air pollutants, the causes can be many to name, e.g. fertilizer dust, cement dust, pesticides …… etc
The health effects caused by air pollutants can be drastic. Doctors and researchers have uncovered several diseases that seem to be caused by air pollution, including asthma, lung cancer and heart diseases.
Along with harming human health, air pollution can cause a variety of environmental effects, e.g. acid rain, ozone depletion, crop and forest damage and global climate change.
There are now various air pollution control technologies and strategies available to help reduce it, People are encouraged now more than ever before to use non-polluting renewable forms of energy and lots of countries have established new legislation concern the protection of the environment. The time is not far when these strategies would be spread all over the world and then we would feel proud to say that we have gone green.

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