give me an example of a letter that your sister lives in another city and telling her about your new friend who is blind but intelligent with many extraordinary powers.pls tell me immidiately...

72/4 BRDA FlatsSapphire Apartments Kolkata-700026November 21, 2013Dear Sunita,How are you? Mother told me that you had been ill for some time. I hope you have recovered? I have to share with you details about my new friend. Helen is my classmate and my closest friend. Although, she suffers from a handicap, I have never met a more enthusiastic person. Her inability to see has not prevented her from communicating with others. She is also a very sincere student and is loved by our teachers. She works hard at her Braille books and can give us a run for our money, when it comes to performance in class!As a person too she is wonderful. I have never heard her regret over her handicap. She perseveres on and that too, with a smile. There are so many things that I can learn from her. I have invited her to my house during the vacation and hope that you will also get an opportunity to meet her.Your sister,Rita.

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