Give me poem on Three wishes

This is the correct one..

I wish I had a yellow cat
To sit before the fire.
If only I could have just that
'Twould be my heart's desire.

I wish I had an open fire
To warm my yellow cat.
'Twould gratify my soul's desire
If only I had that.

I wish I had a little home
To hold my cat and fire,
And then I'm sure that I would have
My very heart's desire.


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If could have three wishes and know that they'd come true

I'd not wish for wealth nor fame, I'd only wish for you

I'd not wish for the stars I'd not ask for the moon

I'd wish that every day had twenty five hours that i could spend with you

my second wish wouldn't be to be beautiful or to be strong

I'd only wish that i had eight days in a week in which to be with you in your arms

my third and final wish would be that there are 13 months in each year
so that i would have more time to be with you

but I'll never have three wishes and i know they'll never come true

but i do have one life and in my life there is you

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i took this from net
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i sent the first poem without reading that..sory!
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the second poem is correct,i read and sent that
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