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Dr.mervyn Thomas , asked a question
Subject: Social Science , asked on 12/8/13

give reason why in india only a part of the service sector is growing in imp...

give reason why

  1. in india only a part of the service sector is growing in importance
  2. primary sectors continues to be the largest employer in india even in the 21st century?


Charu Kalra , Meritnation Expert added an answer, on 13/8/13

Service sector can be considered as the lifeline for other two sectors of the Indian economy as they they help in the functioning of both primary and secondary sectors. Services like banking, transportation, insurance are required for the successful functioning of other two sectors. Though we have seen substantial increase in production in the service sector not all of this sector has witnessed growth because:

1. There are certain services which do not help in the production of goods like teaching, medical services, personal services like washermen, barbers hence are not growing rapidly.

2. Large number of people are involved in service sector like small shopkeepers, repair persons etc than actually required who barely manage to earn their living.

3. Some services require highly skilled educated people which the people by large may be lacking because of absence of proper education and training facilities.

4. Large section of people continue to be employed in the primary sector because of lack of opportunities and also lack of awareness leading to under employment and disguised employment.

Thus, providing better education and training will allow people to work in the service sector and contribute to its growth as a whole.



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