Give Reasons Why
Conservation is important?
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Dear student,
As per the mention of your chapter I am assuming that you are asking about the conservation of resources-
It is so important that these precious natural resources are conserved at any cost as they are getting exhausted at an alarming rate.
1- Resources depletion is having a negative effect on the environment which is indirectly causing harm to living beings.
2- The modern lifestyle and the advance in technology have had a very bad impact on natural resources.
3- Natural resources like coal and petroleum are depleting at a very fast rate, and once they are depleted, we will have to depend on other sources of energy. 
4- It is also necessary to conserve the natural resources so that our future generations will not have to face the shortage of these resources.
5- The natural resources support manufacturing industries and once if they are depleted it will cause harm to economy
Therefore, it is very necessary for us humans to act in a way that ensures the conservation of natural resources.

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