Give some points on energy reserve and the role it plays in sustaining cellular life forms

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1. Energy reserves basically provide a mechanism to cope up in case of shortage of energy.
2. For example if an organism is unable to find enough food, in such cases it is this reserve which provides the necessary energy to cells to effectively perform tasks.
3. Cellular life forms need constant energy for the cell to function effectively. Thus some cellular life forms like autotrophs usually store their food in the form of starch, it is this reserved food material which acts as an energy reserve or reservoir, which the plant can utilise in case it is unable to synthesise its own food.
4. Similarly heterotrophs like humans store food in the form of glycogen , whenever we fast or don't take in food for some other reason , this glycogen acts as an energy reservoir and provides energy.

Thus energy reserves play an important role in sustaining cellular life forms.


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