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Give the answers 'l was amazed by how much Importance he was 91vvnq to such a seemingly trivial matter What was this •trivial matter; II) Did it rema•n •trjvat• after a while? Why/Why not? How was this matter 9tven importance? Read to infer What made the author think that Grandpa was shopping in his sleep? was the author comfortable With hus Grandpa unlocking and entering the rented part of the house? Give a reason for your answer What does the author mean by calling his Grandpa's act •a real, concrete, genuine effort to save paper and the planet'? What was the 'lone endeavour'? What did it make the author realize? Discuss Do you approve of Grandpa's act of entering his tenants' premises at night and removing the papers? Justify your response Also discuss how he could have done this differently. In what ways does reusing and recycling paper help save the planet?

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