H2(g)+I2(g)⇌ 2HI(g), Kp=0.35 at 298 K

If PH2=0.10 atm,PI2=0.10 atm andPHI=0.80 atm at 298 K,has equilibrium been reached.If not state on which side of the equilibrium the system is??

Determine the Qp for the reaction

Qp =  p(HI)2/(pH2) (pI2)

pHI = 0.8atm

pH2 = 0.1atm

pI2 = 0.1atm

Qp =  (0.8) X (0.8)/(0.1) (0.1) = 64

Kp = 0.35 atm

Qp> Kp

As value of Qp is different from Kp, the reaction is not at equilibrium.

As Qp > Kp,  the reaction is on the right side of the equilibrium and more HI needs to be converted to hydrogen and iodine to reach equilibrium state.

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