Hello, Anushka Mam and other Experts
You helped we a lot, no words for your appreciation keep going towards success with your good efforts....

YOu had solved many of my doubts nd hope help me in this too...
I got to know by solving some sample papers, that in many cases 5 marks questions came from inside the chapter, the paper take any line from the poem or the chapter and asked who said to whom, what is the meaning of this word, what is the figure of speech or literary device and anything else???
So I want to know How should I clear my all lines of chapter or poem so as to smothen the concept.

Dear student,

Thank You for your appreciation. We are glad that we could be of help to you.
In order to better your concepts, understand the text and to know from which chapter/ poem a particular line or paragraph has been picked up, you should thoroughly go through the text as many times as possible. Knowledge of different figures of speech is extremely important to be able to identify them easily. In addition to it, you can go through the summary of various texts provided on our website, which will help you understand the chapters in an easy language. Reading the texts over and over again will help you with forming an opinion and writing an answer to a question put up from the depths of the text.

To gain further assistance, kindly get back to us with your doubts. Happy to help!


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by reading whole chapter clearly
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