Hey! I have to make a project on Effect on PPC due to various government policies. Can anyone please tell me how to proceed?

Dear student,

Such questions are made for enhancing the self-creative skills and should be tried answering on your own. However, here are a few points that will help you in framing your answer:

1) Firstly, explain about PPC curve in detail.
2) Then choose a government policy as an example, say, SKILL INDIA CAMPAIGN
3) Tell about its purpose, steps taken by the government to implement it, the total budget of the policy, tag line etc..
4) Explain in detail how this policy will improve the quality of the labour force in the economy.
5) Then tell how it effects the PPC. How the level of technology will rise and PPC is expected to shift rightwards.

You may feel free to contact us if you face any issue or difficulty while composing your answer. You can also send us your answers here for a feedback and required corrections if any.


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