hi. i have a problem related to the answering of meritnation experts

in each and every question asked by the students of the novel 3 men in a boat, why experts have not answered them??they only wrote as follows:

As of now, we will not be able to answer questions related to 'Three Men in a Boat'. However, a detailed summary of the novel, major themes and character sketches have been provided for your convenience. You are invited to answer the questions on your own and get back to us for feedback. We will be happy to help you suitably

i hope that u will definately look into the matter

We regret for the inconvenience. Till now we were not answering any of the queries from 'Three men in a boat'. However, we have now started answering them. We kindly request you to post your query once again so as we can help you suitably.

Thank you for being patient.

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