Hi pls ans this [( ch A marriage proposal , class 10 , FF))] - 1) why chubukov called himself and unhappy man, why he wanted himself to kill? Now from here also tell why he said "oh waht a burden off my shoulders" -- why he considered natalya a burden? .2) why at last he shouted champagne to shout natalya done? Why he did so ? For what ? (And expert you are extremely highly requested to please answer this question fast and please answer both the parts in this thread only as I have my BOARD EXAM tomorrow and also these questions are interconnected so please it's a request to answer both the parts in this thread only. Pleaseeee)

Solution :- 
  1. Chubukov called himself unhappy as he was the father of an unmarried daughter. Lomov had come to propose Natalya. However, Natalya and Lomov fought incessantly with each other, first over the ownership rights of Oxen Meadows and then over the superiority of their dogs. Even, Chubukov later joined Natalaya and threw Lomov out of his house. After Lomov went away, Chubukov revealed to Natalya that Lomov had come to propose to her. Natalya was shocked and behaved hysterically and accused Chubukov of driving Lomov away. Chubukov seemed shocked at the change in behaviour of her daughter and then said that he wanted to kill himself for driving away a prospective groom of her unmarried daughter. He called Natalya a burden as she was unmarried. Chubukov wanted to marry Natalya as soon as possible.
  2. Chubukov was relieved that Natalya's marriage was finalised. He considered her unmarried daughter a burden. As he was relieved and happy, so he called for a glass of champagne to celebrate the occasion. Even though Natalya and Lomov were still fighting over the superiority of their dogs, he did not seem to care and forcibly married them and started celebrating. 

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